Monday reverie

Hey there!

So this year I decided to try and plan out my blog posts to give me a bit of an outline of what I want to put out there.

I have decided to start off my week with a run through of great things I have come across via stumble upon and the internet – its a surprisingly great place 😉

I have a bit of an eclectic interest pattern…let’s hope its not to weird for you 🙂

First off I have recently discovered a blog that showcases the greatness in women, but also discusses subjects some people won’t dare – my recent favourite is here – it talks about how women are always apologising (so true) and why we shouldn’t! I love it!

Now I am a massive cookie fan – and I found this recipe for strawberry chocolate chip cookies on Pinterest! Cookies + strawberry = happy Charlotte 🙂

Whilst on Facebook yesterday I discovered this gem on the huffpost website about people with concealed depression, and the things they do. It rung true with me completely – I am a concealer for sure.

This one is a heartbreaker. So make sure you aren’t wearing mascara when you read This. Its a poem a mother wrote. Her beautiful son Tripp suffered from a rare skin disorder called EB, sadly he passed away 3 years ago. I defy you to read this without your heart aching.

For those who read my blog a lot, you know I am a fan of fatmumslim. I found a great post on her site about blogging tips…check it out Here

I now have another bloggy crush! scary mommy.
Seriously funny posts about raising boys. I am new to the whole boy thing so I need this. Favourite post is Here

Ooh more from fatmumslim… A no bake chocolate slice 🙂

And finally…


So tell me what have you found on the web that you fancy sharing?
I am open to anything!


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