KCF vol7

All I seem to do through my week now is look for random acts of kindness!

I must admit this week had been one of those weeks of not leaving my home other than the school run and food shopping…

But that being said –

💟 we gave our old bouncer chairs and play gyms to charity – for someone else to make memories

💟 my mum had to look after my nephew overnight (my sister was in hospital) she ran out of nappies – queue daughter number 1 rushing to the shops for her

💟 a lovely girl on #fireworkpeople was having a tough day with anxiety, having been in that position I felt I had to reach out and let her know I was there for her.


What acts have I witnessed –

💟 a friend of ours had us all (yup all 5 of us!) around her house for dinner…brave lady!

💟 a sweet, kind lady in Australia that takes part in PAD with me…is sending me some pineapple M+M’s yup you heard me…pineapple!

💟 James was crying really badly, Ariana came over stroked his head and said ‘ssh dames, ssh’ (yea she calls him dames!)

💟 hubby brought me some Bailey’s!! Haven’t had it in years!

💟 Bella made us a paper heart in school.


As for what I have found on my internet travels –
Check this out –

💟 This story has reaffirmed my faith in humanity – read it here

💟 Beautiful story about a little boy – read it here

💟 top 10 beautiful stories of kindness – read it here

What kindness has inspired you this week?



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