Monday reverie vol2

Bonjour my lovelies 💖

Its Monday..Monday!

As I sit here typing with 1 hand…yup mommy skills my brain is losing its sanity grip.
I have been working on the controlled sleeping with James – night time works a dream – day time is a bunch of ass!
He just loves his mama.
So mummy’s brain is like a scrambled mess right now!

On that note let’s take a little trip around the web ☺

This guys photography blog is awesome – check it out

Another photography blog – does exactly what it says on the tin – check it out

One of my favourite blogs right now is plaidfuzz – a post she wrote just recently struck so many chords with me – check it out

Just discovered this lady, Gracie

Hubby and I watched an incredible documentary this week on BBC 2 – Freddie knoller it is just..well I have no words.


Look at this picture…how are you not dreaming of these…make these

So lately I have been considering a hair colour change…what do you think –


What do you think –
Please send your answers on a postcard to… Yea just kidding!
Gosh I remember the days of sending postcards in for a competition – ah memories!

Anyway, while I have you I have a goal I am trying to slowly achieve – I plan to build a portfolio – I don’t like to big myself up but here is my first few –






I am trying to figure out where I fit in :mrgreen:
Enjoy this Eleanor Roosevelt quote and have an awesome Monday 🙂


She was a wonderful lady! I need to stick her quotes all around my house!



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