Mama musings vol8 – pregnancy and breastfeeding

Now before you jump to conclusions no I am not pregnant!
There all cleared up. Lol!

Moving on –
I loved being pregnant, yup crazy I know but true.
However this is the 5 things I hated – I really can’t stretch to 10 I loved it that much.

💟 heartburn – always at flipping night, when I have just settled into a comfy spot in bed! Which meant having to prop my self up with pillows and suck on polo’s. No matter what I ate it still appeared every night…just when I thought it wouldn’t! Everybody said, oh its a sign your baby will have hair…yea no all my babies were bald!


💟 lack of bladder room – this one killed me! Not only was bladder space lacking and peeing like an hourly ritual… But if you sneeze you are screwed sorry! The day I had my son I lived in the bathroom… He was literally treating it like a squeezy toy.


💟 people touching my bump – this made me mad! It was as if there was a sign above my had saying ‘yes I am pregnancy, please ignore normal social decency and touch my stomach’ ach!! Yes I said ach!
It just absolutely annoyed the heck out of me! I don’t mind if you ask first, but don’t just assume :mrgreen:

💟 yes I waddle – have you tried carrying a 6lb person in your uterus?!
Eek…I am a cross non pregnant lady lol!


💟 that last month – when everyday someone looks at you knowingly and says ‘had the baby yet?’ I was about to punch each person that said it… I mean I was heavily pregnant, had no baby in my arms and was crazy hormonal! Seriously, don’t anger the pregnant lady!


What about you? What did you hate about being pregnant?

As for breastfeeding –
Here goes, my name is Charlotte and I didn’t breastfeed my oldest daughter. I also gave up after 6 weeks with my other 2, and I will not apologise for it.
Breastfeeding is hard. All the pamphlets they give you make it appear so simple.
But, what they don’t show you is the problems that can occur.
Latch issues
Mastitis etc
I struggled with soreness to begin with, but I powered through crying at each feed.
Then I ended up with an open sore and infection (sorry tmi)

So I found for me that bottles and formula were best.
I may be judged by some mums who have no problems feeding and make you feel bad for formula feeding.
But do you know what, I would rather my child eat than not.
So the ‘breast is best’ army can say what they like.
No apology from me.
I have no problem with breastfeeding, if you can that’s awesome.
If you can’t don’t feel pressured.

Tell me what are your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Mama musings vol8 – pregnancy and breastfeeding

  1. Great post, Charlotte….I didn’t hate anything about being pregnant, but the heartburn was really uncomfy 😦 I managed to breastfeed my two and totally agree with you: none has a right to judge anyone else for their choices!


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