FMF – wait

Another five minute Friday is upon us guys yahoo!

3, 2, 1…go

We spend our lives waiting for things,
We wait in line to buy food, to buy coffee
We wait to meet up with friends and family
We wait for fireworks and passion of meeting that special someone

When we suffer a loss we wait for the pain to pass
When we are expecting a baby we wait for their safe arrival
On the day we get married we wait for the music to play

Our lives are full of moments of waiting.

Just yesterday I spent several hours waiting in the emergency.

I spent a large amount of time waiting for my place in the world.
I am glad I waited because eventually I found Jehovah.
He saw in my heart that I wanted to know him, to love him, to be his friend.

Waiting around for the little things isn’t so bad. Sure it consumes our time, but eventually all the waiting leads to something so wonderful.

When you get to the wonderful part, you wonder why you complained about the waiting around.

We are all guilty of complaining about waiting…in traffic jams etc
But try to consider where the waiting may take you –

Trust me the waiting ain’t so bad.
I got my awesome by waiting :mrgreen:



4 thoughts on “FMF – wait

  1. Ah, waiting is no fun–but it’s easier when we know that we wait upon God and his timing. I hope your visit to the emergency room came out ok! That’s certainly never a place I enjoy waiting :/.


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