Photo a day – February

Its that time if the month again…no not that!
Its the last day of February today.. Which means its time to share my month if photos and some of my favourite shots from this month.


I am super pleased with this months photos – I seem to be finding my own little niche with it!







Great thing is I feel like I have finally jumped over my creativity wall so to speak – so feeling really great right now!!


FMF – visit


Hey guys, its Friday!

Which its time again for one of my favourite posts of the week –

This weeks word is – visit

Ready, set, go.

This word just makes me think of friends.
There is nothing that makes me happier than visiting friends.
As far as friendships go I struggle to make friends.

I have a small group of friends that I have known for years and they are like my family.

I am not adept at meeting a group of people and being positively open.
So many times I visited my mind, racking it to find a reason for my lack of friends.
Its true you can count true friends on one hand.
These friends i know will be there for me if I need them.
Visiting them puts a smile on my face
Filling me with joy.

I would give them my right arm if they needed it.
If they are hurting I am there.
If they are down I will bring them back up anyway I can.

A visit from a friend brings you back to where you should be.
Brings a smile to your face.
Brings happiness into your life.

They are part of who I am, but also part of who I am putting myself out there to be.
I love to visit my friends. I love them deeply.


What they don’t tell you about pregnancy…


Ah pregnancy – its such a wonderful time.
Its an exciting time, you are growing a human after all.

But there are things that they don’t tell you –
Those really annoying sometimes kinda gross pregnancy side affects that you wish you were told about before hand.

There is the usual stuff nausea, sickness, fatigue…sore boobs, back ache.
People asking you ‘how are you feeling?’ ‘What are you craving?’ ‘Are you feeling tired?’

But what are those lesser known symptoms that they don’t tell you….

❄ leg cramps are pretty common

❄ you might get nosebleeds

❄ you might be congested

❄ constipation is a possibility

❄ sweaty Betty

❄ breathing gets tricky

❄ congestion causes snoring

❄ don’t lie on your back…you may look like a tortoise trying to get up!

❄ I hate to say it but if you sneeze…you may wee! 😂


❄ they talk about sleep deprivation after baby arrives…but it happens during pregnancy too..sorry!

❄ anything can give you heartburn


❄ hormones will give you shiny hair…but also spot outbreaks

❄ swollen ankles.. Feet..fingers…etc

❄ hair on your belly – called the linea negra

Bet you are feeling extra special right about now!
But hey its nice to get a heads up right?!
Besides I would have loved getting this information instead of getting it as a surprise lol!

Just remember its not all bad 😉 its worth it in the end!


10 things I have learned about having toddlers

To mums of toddlers –
You know what it is like to have a whirlwind spin through your home on a day to day basis.
When you have a toddler (or 2 ) you realise there is no such thing as quite time…

So here is 10 things I have learned from my toddler’s

❄ They like to toss toys everywhere just after you have finished the housework – ooh this one is great! I put the hoover away sit down with a coffee…then here a crash… Toy box empty all over ☺ oh the joys

❄ Going into a cupboard in the kitchen, and devouring dried pasta –  gosh this one baffled me. I was sitting down feeding James. Ariana comes wandering in chewing on something… So I followed her and watched as she took dried spaghetti from the packet and munched on it!

❄ Tearing up an entire roll of toilet roll into shreds – so far all of my kids have done this. Apparently its like snow…doesn’t matter that it means breaking out thee hoover again grr!

❄ They will throw a tantrum over anything – literally anything! Ariana threw a tantrum because I told her to hold on while I dried my hands before I could get her juice…I mean yikes!

❄ talking, talking, talking – we all sit on hope for the day our babies start to communicate with us, and its such a special time. That is until the start repeating the same thing over and over and over…just enough so that your head explodes!

❄ they never sit still – you try and take a picture of their cute moments…then they leg it and all you have is a blur of a child…awesome!

❄ I can spin and not fall over – yea total lies as my eldest proved when she fell and cut her ear on the coffee table…yea try listening to mummy!

❄ they copy everything you say – you need to be careful what you say…I said crap once and Ariana repeated it for a week! Yikes 😮

❄ emptying bags is fun – especially when you have tampons in your handbag and they start pretending they are mice…I mean wow!

❄ nap time is playtime – you put them in bed, they are lying down eyes closed. I sit down to a piece of toast and hear what sounds like an elephant leaping about upstairs and lots of talking. Why do I bother lol!

What have learned about having a toddler?


Terrible tuesday

I haven’t had this rough a week in a while…

Monday started off really lousy with James having a lung infection and needing antibiotics… Yippee!
My poor boy had started wheezing so off the doctors I skipped on Monday morning…

Yesterday, first thing was Bella’s dentist appointment… She went in all brave, with her special bear and my sunglasses to wear.
Then they brought the noisy dentist tools…and my poor girl went from brave to uncontrollable sobs 😐
Queue me jumping to the rescue and sharing the chair with her.
I even got a sticker for my troubles – which obviously means I rock


Oh yes I did!!

Anyway, dropped Bella off at school and swung by my mums to pick Ariana up –
Queue puppy cuteness overload!


I am getting to the bad part now.
Got home, gave James his antibiotics sat down to give him a feed…as you do.
Turned back around and saw Ariana with the bottle of antibiotics in her mouth…all of it gone!

Boy did I panic!
Swear words were flying around in my brain.
I snatched the bottle off her and immediately thought I had poisoned my daughter.

Chucked the kids into the car and made the 18 mile journey to the nearest A+E department… Obviously still driving the speed limit.

She is OK.
They told me that the toxicity levels were not too high in her body for her to require anything the counteract the medicine.

But oh my word longest 3 hours of my life.

Trust me when I say you can never put anything high enough for a child not to get to.
I honestly thought she couldn’t reach my kitchen counters.
I was so wrong.

The guilt is still washing over me now.

I will not make the same mistake twice that’s for sure!
The scary thing is you really do need eyes in the back of your head with children!
I think my back of the head eyes need testing!!

Either that or I need many more arms…like an octopus🐙

Anyway, I am just waiting for it to get out of her system… If you know what I mean…yuk! 💩😷

Sorry tmi!

Have a great day,


Mama musings – junk food and dentists

Hey there,

I realise its been a few weeks since I have done a mama musings post – goodness knows why!
But I will make it up today I promise.

Just last week, there was a programme shown on channel 4 called ‘junk food kids – who’s to blame?’

Oh my word I have never sat watching anything for so long with my jaw on the floor…it was both scary and eye opening.

What troubled me most was a little 4 year old girl.
She had to wear age 8-9 clothes and had dreadful tooth decay.
She is the same age as Bella, but she looked like a 10 year old.
Her mother said she buys convenience food because it is convenient.


What got me most was she had to have 8 milk teeth removed.
She had a mouth full of abscesses.

I feel guilty enough that Bella has to have a small filling tomorrow.
I feel as though I have failed her teeth!
I am so careful that she doesn’t eat too many sweets, fizzy drinks a once a week and she brushes her teeth daily.
Yet she has still developed this tiny hole in her back tooth, the dentist said its a very common problem with young children. Funny how this doesn’t make me feel better!

So I have now decided to cut down the sugar even more and brush their teeth for longer.
I feel its kind of my duty as a mum to help my kids learn to be healthy and to take care of their bodies.
I am of the idea that children learn from example – what better example than their parents?!

I was so saddened by it all.

I have also had some thoughts lately on vaccinations.
All my children have had their vaccinations, because I want to protect them from meningitis, measles etc.
I have always been pretty pro – vaccines.

The thing is we are in a culture where we are either pro something or anti something.
I have nothing against those who don’t vaccinate. But I worry about the spreading of illnesses.

I read a story of a woman called Jennifer Hibben-White. She wrote a post on Facebook regarding her son possibly contracting measles in the doctors waiting room – read it here
She has some seriously powerful words ☺

Check it out!

Have a great Monday!


Fabruary day 22 – beauty

I believe the saying goes – beauty is only skin deep.

I do not think this is true.

Beauty is inside
Beauty is a full on smile
Beauty is sparkling eyes
Beauty is a freckled nose
Beauty is laughter lines
Beauty is a kind heart
Beauty is a gentle spirit

Beauty is in giving
Beauty is in happiness


Beauty is being who you are
Beauty is loving who you are
Beauty is accepting who you are
Beauty is seeing someone for who they really are
Beauty is in loving your flaws

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder


This quote words perfectly for me how beauty should be viewed.
Beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty is how you act. How you treat others. How you treat yourself.

I have a habit of occasionally photographing what some may deem obscure – but I like to see the beauty in everything


This is one of my favourite photos.
Pigs are not generally considered the most beautiful of gods creatures. But I disagree.
Its not considered beautiful because of how it looks…but beauty is not just an outside appearance.

This is a lesson.
Not to judge beauty based on looks.
But to look inside a person
Discover how truly beautiful they beneath the surface and beyond the makeup.
See a persons personality before anything else ☺
Conventional beauty is not all there is.

We are all beautiful in our own way.

How do you view beauty?