Fabruary day 1 – quotes

Happy February folks!
Or should that be fab-ruary :mrgreen:

However, I am welcoming in this month with a chesty cough and cold 😐 which has out the old breaks on my blogilates for the last few weeks!!
But I am mama, which means I will bounce back in no time..because that is how we roll 😉

Now then, thanks to the awesome Helen at i will bloom for organising this months challenge… I can’t wait to dive in right away ☺

For those who have been here before, you know I am rather partial to a good quote
Question is how to choose just one?? Well I couldn’t so I chose 3 lol!

Something that people should know about me is that I have been through a lot in my 28 year life…who hasn’t right?!

But the things I have been through have helped me and shaped me.
Although I am still struggling with insecurities and such, so i decided my chosen word for this year is courage.

Bearing that in mind –
I have a few quotes about having courage, that I feel are completely straightforward in there honesty and to-the-pointedness…what its a word!! :mrgreen:


This one is simple, to the point and honest.
This is something I should tape to my mirror and glance at each day


Being a sufferer of depression this is one that spoke to me.
I am a firm believer in the power of words. That they have the power to heal, even the power to hurt or move someone to tears.
But this quote spoke to me because there has been many a day where I have questioned why I carry on this way…but then when you consider that it takes so much courage to end the day saying to yourself.. I will try again tomorrow..in this sense I have a courage in spades just by carrying on and moving forward.

I want to end on a more cheerful note –
One of my favourite books as a kid (and still today!) Was the diary of Anne frank.
I always find her so insightful and mature.
I am in love with her personality, with her honesty, her sweet disposition and her openness.
This quote in particular is just beautiful.


There is that word courage again, and Anne frank was nothing if not courageous.
If had just a mere ounce of her courage I could conquer anything!

So there you have it, my favourite inspirational quote(s)

I greatly look forward to reading other posts and discovering new quotes to write in my quote book – yes I have a quote book :mrgreen:

Have a great day 💖




5 thoughts on “Fabruary day 1 – quotes

  1. Love your quotes – I am a new C. S. Lewis fan…and love the Anne Frank quote…yes, Charlotte, there IS hope and you are filled with “fresh courage”.

    Thanks for letting us inside your mind once again…excited to read more!

    Liked by 1 person

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