Fabruary day 2 – words to myself

Man I am late with this today…what with dentist appointments bleurgh! And coughing up a lung double bleurgh!

But hey ho on to happier things ☺


I have spent a little while mulling over where to go with this –
I mean I have written letters to my 16 year old self, but its quite hard for me to see an ideal place. But I am going to give it my best shot.

– here a sit. Writing words to a time and a place long forgotten.
It still holds a place in my mind, but will never again consume me.
My heart is full of love for me. My mind only thinks on positivity.
I look at myself in the mirror each day with new found courage of heart, with a respect for myself.
I like who I am…no I love who I am.
I have never again changed myself to meet others standards.
I live my life brave and true. With honesty and a kind heart.
I live through my courage. I live with a positive body image and positive mind
Remembering the words – courage dear heart.-

I had trouble finding words, but its an ideal place for me to be.



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