Fabruary day 3 – excitement


Oh my word I am a day behind!
I am not the kind of person to do things late…it makes me feel all funny inside.
Any who – I have a darned trapped nerve in my neck, so I am in quite a lot of pain when I try and move..the key is don’t move lol!

So I have been thinking long and hard about big things that I am excited about for this coming year etc..nothing huge sprung to mind, but got some littles ☺


• I am excited to feel good about myself.
Its been such a long time full of bad feelings, to be able to think good ones is such an awesome prospect.

• I am greatly looking forward to spring coming, its my favourite season. It also means when the ewes start to have their lambs this year, I am safe to go and see them! The last 2 years I have been pregnant during lambing season, and there is a risk of toxoplasmosis to mum + baby.

• I am looking forward to getting a new lense for my camera! Yay!!

• we are taking our first holiday as a family of 5. Its only to the lake district but I can’t wait. First proper trip away since 2013 yahoo!

That is all I have, but its a cute little list for me to work on for now.

Anything you are excited for?


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