FMF – keep

OK I am a tiny bit late – but there was a very important rugby game yesterday…..

But onwards and upwards.
Its five minute Friday (or Saturday!)

Today’s word – keep


Keep moving forward
Keep smiling
Keep laughing
Keep calm
Keep your feet on the ground
Keep being yourself
Keep in time
Keep it together
Keep it real


Keep living
Keep loving
Keep being happy
Keep your joy
Keep the faith
Keep throwing glitter
Keep spreading kindness
Keep your friends close
Keep your head high
Keep your heels high
Keep pouring wine 😉
Keep being creative
Keep your imagination wide
Keep the music loud
Keeeep dancing!
Keep your memories
Keep on trucking
Keep being strong
And one more time
Keep moving forward. 💟



4 thoughts on “FMF – keep

  1. Keep your friends close and, as another saying goes, keep your enemies even closer. teehee Sayings aren’t always to be heeded!
    Regardless of that, you have made an amazing list for the word “keep”. Now, Keep up the good work! It was lovely to read your lists.

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  2. “keep on trucking” brings back some memories for me (from the 70’s! 🙂 LOve your list of “keeps”. What a great idea and a smile producer for me! Linked up right behind you Charlotte! Blessings to you!

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