Monday reverie – vol 3

Hey guys,

So I missed a reverie last week due to a stupid illness ich!
Honestly it sounds like a tb ward in our house right now…coughs galore.

But I know you are dying to ask – what have a found this week?!

I found this hilarious thing about English people –


There is nothing that makes me giggle more than being given a funny look when I say something random in ‘British’ lol!
I always find it amusing when I visit California and people say to me ‘oh my gosh your accent is like so cute!’  You can’t beat a good British accent apparently lol!

Something a bit more serious now.
A blog i have found a huge connection with over at Anastasia Amour wrote a post a few weeks ago, about the affect that hurtful words can have on a person – check it out here

Now i discovered the lovely Stephanie via #fireworkpeople and I just love her! One post I found interesting was about friendships – and the 2 categories women fall into – check it out here


oh one thing I have been searching for is a new shortbread recipe – because the last went down a treat I am determined to continue my winning streak lol! I found a chocolate, caramel shortbread – check it out here….oh the above picture is from pinterest!

OK I have a confession… I hate mess! Yes I know I have 3 kids and I hate mess ☺ I realised lately I get it from my mother!
Anyway I found a post over at loving motherhood more about how to embrace the mess…check it out here

On a penultimate note – I want to share one of my photos from this months PAD. I am not generally one to toot my own horn… But I am really proud of this shot and the positive feedback I received from it


Lastly I have a positive quote for you –


Have a great Monday folks 💟



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