Fabruary day 10 – overcoming fears

Hey hey!


Man alive Helen didn’t make this easy did she! Sheesh!

Right, here goes…deep breath go.

Yikes, this is hard

OK have I ever overcome a fear. No.
But I am overcoming one, I hope.

I have a fear of never being good enough. Being bullied growing up has made this fear worse.
This fear is horrendous.
But the main point here is that I recognise it now. Recognising is half the battle.

Also since discovering that I am an ISFJ.
I am an introvert. Which is something I only discovered about 6 months ago – ish.
Once I began reading the strengths and weaknesses of my personality trait – my eyes widened!

Everything rang true.

Sometimes I put myself out there and I almost allow myself to be hurt.
I put everything of myself into a friendship. I give my all.
But through doing this and still being treated like dirt I now fear putting myself out there.


But I am getting there –
I am putting more faith in myself.
Having more courage to moving toward.
Putting my faith in Jehovah, because I know that Jehovah knows that I am all I can be. That I am loved by him.

So I may not have overcome my fear. But I am overcoming.


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