KCF – vol9

Anyone else got that Friday feeling?!


I have and its called wine and Netflix! Hello Friday 🙂

Anyway you may have noticed I missed KCF last week, but I am playing a bit of catch up with all my normal blogging stuff.

So, what have I done on the kindness front this week?

💟 we gave a couple expecting their first child my trusty baby name book…full of highlights and underlined names! I will miss it!

💟 we have this bridge near us that is too narrow to allow 2 cars through, I always wait and let the cars through…I am nice like that lol!

💟 I let a lady in rush go ahead of me in the queue… I do this a lot

What have I witnessed?

💟 today I went on the afternoon school run. It chucked it down with rain! One of the mums helped me to keep Ariana from legging it, then helped me get the kids to the car! I was really happy! I struggle to juggle each day.

💟 hubby brought me a new jumper! This is a big deal, with money bring tight new clothes rarely get brought!

💟 I got my second piece of snail mail today! It smells awesome… Yes I said smells!

That’s it from me for kindness counts this week…we have a very poorly baby so I was lucky to get what I did :mrgreen:

Oh while I have you here I remembered something hubby and I did whilst in California – I was in a shop picking up some juice and hubby stayed in the car. When I came out he was talking to a man – we discovered he had lost his job and he and his wife were now living rough. So we gave him all our change to get some food.

That is my random act of kindness that sticks in my memory.
I felt for him deeply. I did what I could, if I could have done more I would.

What about you? Any memories of kindness acts that have moved you?


What have you encountered this week?


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