Monday reverie vol4

Hello my lovelies,

Aren’t Mondays fun…unless you count half term Mondays eek!

So this week I have been looking at inspirational website, blogs etc.
Also some things that have moved me, and made my heart ache.

Firstly, I discovered in the news the other day about a website called it is a photography website that focuses on the photography remembrance for families suffering the loss of a baby.
I suffered an early miscarriage with my first baby. Which hurt me deeply. I can’t imagine the hurt suffered by these families. My heart goes out to them.

Now this one is great!
As a woman who has struggled with not fitting in, depression, anxiety and stress..this is an awesome website. With stories that inspire 💟

Stumbled across this blog and I literally fell down a bloggy rabbit hole. Her story is so inspirational – check it out

Last blog, by a mum of seven. I don’t anymore needs to be said – check it out

This story restores my faith in humanity –

Let’s end on a happy note shall we?!


Have a great day!



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