Fabruary day 17 – clothing


Well we are over half through this challenge now, and although I have missed a couple of days… I am doing pretty good over all.

So with today’s prompt…I had an issue.
How oh how, can anyone pick one favourite ever item of clothing?!

I mean I have loved many items of my wardrobe…
But I am going to go terribly clichΓ© with it – can you guess what it is??

Yup my wedding dress.
I tried it on today for purely experimental reasons obvs!
I was shocked that it still fits…perfectly… 8 years and 3 kids later…you could have knocked me down with a feather!

Here I am in 2007 –


And today –


Its my favourite item because believe it or not is the first ever piece of clothing I picked out on my own.
Before I have always asked for a friends opinion and gone with what they chose.
I asked opinion but went with my choice.
Standing up for me! Yes I did!!

What is your favourite ever item of clothing?



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