FMF – open

Friday is here – which means half term is over…oh wait that’s not it 😉
Its five minute Friday time…

Today’s word – open

Ready, steady, go!

Open our eyes to see the beauty in the world around us.
Open our ears to hear the sounds of nature, and the kindness of people.
Open our mouths and talk only words of kindness and love.
Open our hearts and allow people in. Open our hearts to Jehovah.
Open our minds to learn about our god, Jehovah

Open our arms, hug our friends.
Open our ears and listen to their troubles.
Open our hearts to their unhappiness.

We must remain open to ourselves.
Not to close ourselves off from love.

It is good to live openly, allowing ourselves to be shaped and loved by our god, Jehovah
Openness is key for a great relationship with god.
Open up and let him in to our hearts and minds.



4 thoughts on “FMF – open

  1. Hi Charlotte, I linked up right after you at FMF this morning. When I read your line, “Open our mouths and talk only words of kindness and love”, I immediately thought of a verse I have been reading this week >> “Let your conversation be gracious & attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.” (Colossians 4:6, NLT) May you have a blessed Friday~


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