Fabruary day 20 – happiness, guaranteed

Hey there,

Happy Saturday, hurrah for the weekend (only because I brought wine yesterday yay!)
I hope you are all having a fun day so far ☺


This prompt is such fun it has taken me an extra day to find pictures on pinterest lol!
But I did it!

Guaranteed ways to make me happy –

• first off these guys make me happy


• summer flowers make me happy, the colours are just so beautiful


• snow days and snow men
• sunflowers and daisies
• butterflies and ladybirds
• Labrador puppies…I want one, I want one, I want one!


• peanut butter and chocolate… Together
• converse shoes and nail varnish
• vanilla scented candles
• springtime and lambs


• finding shells on the beach
• walking barefoot on the sand
• black and white movies and old books
• the wizard of oz


But I would love to know more about you guys?
Tell me what guarantees happiness from you?


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