Terrible tuesday

I haven’t had this rough a week in a while…

Monday started off really lousy with James having a lung infection and needing antibiotics… Yippee!
My poor boy had started wheezing so off the doctors I skipped on Monday morning…

Yesterday, first thing was Bella’s dentist appointment… She went in all brave, with her special bear and my sunglasses to wear.
Then they brought the noisy dentist tools…and my poor girl went from brave to uncontrollable sobs 😐
Queue me jumping to the rescue and sharing the chair with her.
I even got a sticker for my troubles – which obviously means I rock


Oh yes I did!!

Anyway, dropped Bella off at school and swung by my mums to pick Ariana up –
Queue puppy cuteness overload!


I am getting to the bad part now.
Got home, gave James his antibiotics sat down to give him a feed…as you do.
Turned back around and saw Ariana with the bottle of antibiotics in her mouth…all of it gone!

Boy did I panic!
Swear words were flying around in my brain.
I snatched the bottle off her and immediately thought I had poisoned my daughter.

Chucked the kids into the car and made the 18 mile journey to the nearest A+E department… Obviously still driving the speed limit.

She is OK.
They told me that the toxicity levels were not too high in her body for her to require anything the counteract the medicine.

But oh my word longest 3 hours of my life.

Trust me when I say you can never put anything high enough for a child not to get to.
I honestly thought she couldn’t reach my kitchen counters.
I was so wrong.

The guilt is still washing over me now.

I will not make the same mistake twice that’s for sure!
The scary thing is you really do need eyes in the back of your head with children!
I think my back of the head eyes need testing!!

Either that or I need many more arms…like an octopus🐙

Anyway, I am just waiting for it to get out of her system… If you know what I mean…yuk! 💩😷

Sorry tmi!

Have a great day,



3 thoughts on “Terrible tuesday

  1. Oh my, I’m so glad she is okay. I’m sorry you had a bad Tuesday. I know it isn’t quite on the same level but I do treat my puppies as if they were my own children, since hubby and I don’t have children yet. Anyway, we had our flea and heart worm prevention medication to give to our dog but one of them ate both! We freaked out but apparently the toxicity wasn’t enough for them and she was okay. I can kind of relate. I know it’s so much scarier when it comes to your baby though.

    Thank goodness! A good mama rushes to make sure her babies are okay. Don’t feel guilty. You’re doing the best you can as a mom. You can’t control that. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am glad she is too! Oh gosh i am glad you dog is ok! Dogs and children…nightmare eh?! It is a challenge on both levels..kids and dogs will eat pretty much anything lol!
      But thank you so much for your nice words..greatly appreciated 💟 x


      • Ah, yes. Little vacuum cleaners with a fascination to put everything in the mouths! Now we know for next time and she still tries but we are getting better at avoiding it. She is a little fattie. And you are so welcome. 🙂 I’m just glad she’s all right!

        Liked by 1 person

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