What they don’t tell you about pregnancy…


Ah pregnancy – its such a wonderful time.
Its an exciting time, you are growing a human after all.

But there are things that they don’t tell you –
Those really annoying sometimes kinda gross pregnancy side affects that you wish you were told about before hand.

There is the usual stuff nausea, sickness, fatigue…sore boobs, back ache.
People asking you ‘how are you feeling?’ ‘What are you craving?’ ‘Are you feeling tired?’

But what are those lesser known symptoms that they don’t tell you….

❄ leg cramps are pretty common

❄ you might get nosebleeds

❄ you might be congested

❄ constipation is a possibility

❄ sweaty Betty

❄ breathing gets tricky

❄ congestion causes snoring

❄ don’t lie on your back…you may look like a tortoise trying to get up!

❄ I hate to say it but if you sneeze…you may wee! 😂


❄ they talk about sleep deprivation after baby arrives…but it happens during pregnancy too..sorry!

❄ anything can give you heartburn


❄ hormones will give you shiny hair…but also spot outbreaks

❄ swollen ankles.. Feet..fingers…etc

❄ hair on your belly – called the linea negra

Bet you are feeling extra special right about now!
But hey its nice to get a heads up right?!
Besides I would have loved getting this information instead of getting it as a surprise lol!

Just remember its not all bad 😉 its worth it in the end!



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