Mama musings – sleep control and runny noses

This is such a tricky musing this week…I almost don’t want to write about it.
But you know those moments where you just want to get something off your mind…you know.

So here goes nothing I guess.


When I had bella I was on strict routines with her, feeds, naps, snacks everything.
Literally I was on a constant loop with it.

Then Ariana came along. Yet still having one child didn’t deter my routiney (its a word!) nature.

Its not the need for control that does it but my need for routine.

But since James has come along, I just can’t settle into a routine and it bugs the heck out of me.
He is a whole different kettle of fish (never really understood this saying!)
I never believed people who told me boys and girls are totally different when it comes to sleeping etc.
But now I do!

Right now he is in his cot. Crying.
His head barely touched the mattress before the tears came.
He is 8 months old.

By now the girls were napping 3 times a day and eating their solid food with ease.

Unless its fruit puree or yogurt he doesn’t want to know.
I have always made my own food, but it doesn’t seem to be working this time.
Which is making me feel really crappy.

As for the controlled sleeping route…
For months now I have been sleeping with James cuddled in my arms – for nap time and all night.
But my head is telling me its time to nip it in the bud before he is in our bed for years to come.

Don’t get me wrong cuddling with my kids is awesome.
But I am a stickler for them learning to sleep in their own bed.

So watch this space ☺ here’s hoping it works!

The month of Jan/Feb has been filled with runny noses and night time coughing.
The weather has been atrociously freezing… Causing chesty coughs and not forgetting James’s lung infection.
But just when I think I have gotten rid of the pesky little blighter it rears its ugly germ filled head!! 😷😬

Hopefully come holiday time in April said germs will be gone!
I shall be victorious (ooh a song just popped into my head…muse anyone?!)

How do you get on with sleep routine?
I would love some tips!

Have a fab Friday 🙂



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