FMF – gather

So I spent a great deal of time with yesterday’s post, published it…then realised that I misread the post in its entirety!

Feeling pretty dumb right now 😮


However now I know the actual word….let’s get writing

Ready, set, go

Everyday people gather their courage before they step out into the world
Pulling all the braveness they have together in order to be the best they can be
It takes so much for fear to be pushed aside.

But being able to gather every sort of strong emotion that you have in order to push yourself through your comfort zone is really brave in my eyes.

Struggling through PPD has been a truly difficult experience for me.

There were days I had to gather myself and pull myself away from hurting myself.
Where i thought everyone would be better off without me..but I gathered every good feeling I had and brought myself back from the brink.

I am in a better place with it now.
But it took so much courage on my part to gather every good feeling and memory that I had in order to help myself to smile again.

On a day to day basis so many people gather up everything inside them that is good and face the day head high and smiling.
Which is so brave in my eyes.

Let’s gather up our courage today ☺ and face the world head on.



One thought on “FMF – gather

  1. Thanks for sharing. I do not know much about PPD, but I am glad to see it has not held you back from writing. Remembering good times and feelings is so important, but I find it is just as important to create new and fresh ones also. May you have courage to expand your horizons and try something new every now and then. Blessings to you! Stopping by from FMF.

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