I have never…

I have never –

❄ had a tattoo
❄ watched the star wars films
❄ swam in the sea
❄ eaten Marmite
❄ broken a bone
❄ visited Scotland… Lived in the UK 29 years and never been
❄ driven on the motorway
❄ been arrested
❄ been stopped by police
❄ been given speeding or parking ticket
❄ eaten star fruit
❄ been stung by a bee
❄ had a cold sore
❄ had the flu
❄ given blood
❄ eaten an oyster
❄ called 999
❄ had a diner kebab
❄ had surgery
❄ eaten salad cream…the smell outs me off
❄ watched any of the star trek TV shows
❄ tried a burrito
❄ been in a physical fight
❄ had a tan
❄ grown my hair longer than my shoulders
❄ been fishing
❄ had an allergy

What have you never done?
I would love to know!



3 thoughts on “I have never…

  1. Out of yours, I have never: eaten Marmite (heard it is yucky, do they even sell that here?), visited any country (other than the U.S.), been arrested, been in a physical fight, had a tan, or had an allergy.

    I find it amazing that you’ve never been stung by a bee or swam in the sea. Bees are awful but the sea is a pretty place. I don’t like dark water but our oceans are a liiiiiittle more clear in Florida.

    Most of the things on my list that aren’t crossed off fall under the “things I’ve never done” list. I need to fix that. Some of the items on this list were on mine but I got to do last year (tattoos, getting a speeding ticket which WAS NOT on my list, and give blood).

    I eat burritos for nearly every meal and ah, you really need to try one! They are pretty much the favorite food of my household. I broke three bones when I was a teen 😦

    I love this list so I thought I’d leave a thoughtful comment. 🙂 Have a lovely day, Charlotte!

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