Epilepsy awareness

Alright readers ☺

So there is something you may not know about me – I am an epileptic.
I have been on medication since the age of 12.

I suffer from photosensitive epilepsy – which is triggered by specific light frequency – TV, strobe lighting etc.

The first time I had a seizure I was miles away from home on a school trip in Paris.
One minute I had stood up to turn down the tv.. the next I was opening my eyes, lying on the floor looking at paramedics and my French teacher.
I briefly remember swearing at my teacher (bearing in mind I didn’t remember who she was or where I was) then everything went black again.
Next thing I know I am strapped to a chair being wheeled out of our hotel, I am in hysterical tears and I am being stared at by my peers…awesome.

On coming home, having not been diagnosed as yet…it took a year of tests, MRIs and several more seizures before getting a diagnosis.
The final test that did it – they glued wires to my head and flashed a strobe light in my face – no I am not kidding!
I ended up with a headache of epic proportions!

So where am I going with this you ask?


We have awareness for so many important disease – cancer, HIV etc.
But epilepsy is a neurological disease that can kill.
I believe it is just as important to raise awareness of this disease.

I am on life long medication for epilepsy.
I have to be aware of my surroundings when I go out, for possible triggers.
Going clubbing was almost always a no no
Even at the cinema I have to sit at the back…boo!

I don’t have the worst type of epilepsy, there are so many.
Which is why it needs awareness.

You would be surprised how many sufferers are out there.

Wear purple march 26th for epilepsy awareness.



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