FMF – plan

Its Friday..and I am happy about it?!
That’s because its five minute Friday, a highlight of my week ☺
Ooh and before I go on today is red nose day in the uk…


Make your face funny for money!

Now that’s out of the way 😂
I love how each topic makes me think…knocking the cobwebs off my thought box (brain)
For example, I read the topic for today and knew what to write… Its like me in a word!

Are we ready, get set, go…

Well ask anyone of my friends to describe me and guaranteed they will use the word planner.
I get up each morning with a set plan for my day –
Feed kids
Dress kids
School run
My breakfast
Feed kids
School run
Kids bed
Make lunches
Drink and snack

Funny thing is if I don’t plan ahead I get all weird and nervous.
Its this strange need I have to have a plan.

But its not just me, my mum is the same…my mum has a note book that she writes down all the gifts she buys people for the holidays.

I feel like I need a plan in order to reach my daily goals you know?!
The same goes for trips away…I can’t just wing it so to speak…
I need to plan our activities so I can get the lunches ready and be prepared (I sound like a scout)

Although I digress there are things you can’t plan for.
Sometimes plans vere off course in another direction, which I am pained to admit gives me a stress headache at the thought of.
For example I never ‘planned’ to have PPD but I do and I have survived the unplanned stress of it!


I said to hubby the other day I could never just drop everything and book a flight to somewhere on that very day…with no forethought… No planning! Eek the thought terrifies me…
I need at least 6 months notice…

Growing up I planned to get married, buy a house and have kids… So far so good on the plan front


What can I say when it comes to planning…I do it with everything… Weekly meals…packed lunch…bath time…shopping…ooh I just realised how weird I sound!!

Yikes! On that note stop!

Sheesh I think I have some slight ocd planning tendencies.. I never noticed before!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!



One thought on “FMF – plan

  1. I am the same way I need to plan out my day it doesn’t stress me out not to I am just very forgetful or I put too much time into some projects and not others. I wish I was more like you! You are not weird at all.


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