Monday reverie – happy day

Afternoon folks,

Well, I sat down last night and thought to myself – you know I think I have missed out a few Monday reveries just lately…so I decided to do one today on all sorts of happy things I have found whilst browsing the old internet ☺

Its not often that we look at a newspaper or watch the news and see good, cheerful stories – I intend to change this like today!

First off I found this website called good news network – every story is guaranteed to raise a smile ☺ and to just generally fill you with warm, happy feelings.

Do you know its surprising what you can find when you search for happiness on google – I discovered a blog by Gretchen Rubin she has some wonderful posts on discovering happiness. She has also written books, one of which is ‘the happiness project’

I found this wonderful video on YouTube of a woman who decided to do random acts of kindness for strangers on her birthday – check it out

On YouTube again (thank you genius who invented YouTube) I can across a video that fully restores my faith in humanity, proving there are kind people in the world – this made me cry tears of happiness – check it out

I have no words for how this next video made me feel – check it out
Its a life lesson I promise.

So I found this little personality quiz that determines what makes you happy – I am an achiever 🙂 check it out here

Finally I will leave you with something that is guaranteed to make you happy..



I mean that’s just adorable right?!


Hope you all have a happy Monday!



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