FMF – real

OK so yes its Saturday… Which means I am a bit late with five minute Friday..oops!
But I am determined to do it anyway, try and keep up with it you know – flex the old grey matter πŸ˜€

Fridays word is – real
This word can be interpreted in so many ways…but where will my brain take it I wonder…😏

Ready, set, go.

Growing up I had a real problem with food.
In fact I had anorexia, reaching my lowest weight of 4 and half stone.
I was hospitalised.
I had a real body image issue at age 10.

I needed a healthy dose of reality.
It took me a long time to realise the truth about body image.

The reality is that so many people suffer from a poor body image.
What we need is to display to women, men, girls and boys what a real body looks like.



The above photo is what I think people view a real body to be.
Peoples perceptions are blinkered by the photo shopped realities that adorn the magazine’s and billboards.

But real bodies have imperfections
Stretch marks
Birth marks

I have most of these things, but I consider myself a real woman, with a a body that I haven’t changed to fit society.

We are really women no matter what shape or size we are, imperfections and all.

Its our imperfections that make us real.
Why photo shop reality?


We must keep being our real selves, not who the world tells us to be.

Be the real you.
You are really beautiful.


Figures my brain would go to body image 😊

Have a wicked weekend,



13 thoughts on “FMF – real

  1. Charlotte, thanks for your post. Your encouragement to “keep being our real selves, not who the world tells us to be” is much needed. I am reminded of John Mason’s (?) words, “God created you for a specific, unique purpose. He has called you not to imitate someone else, but to become all that he wants you to be. Simply put – You were born an original, don’t die a copy.” Blessings to you.

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  2. Charlotte, so true! Real body image does include stretch marks, scars, etc. Our body images are not meant to be photoshopped. God made us “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

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  3. Great post, Charlotte… that you chose to show Drew Barrymore – I always think she’s one of the more ‘real’ stars (because of her history and also her body: she’s beautiful but just looks entirely normal in her beauty….it’s not contrived or show-offy or unattainable like many stars)….

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  4. I really appreciate your post. There are so many ridiculous lies out there about body image and what we should be, based on unattainable fantasy rather than reality. May we be delivered from idealised images and embrace the person G-d created us to be in every dimension. Thanks for the post.

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    • In realistic, portrayals of what bodies look like are everywhere.
      Making people think that that is what true beauty is.
      But we were created in gods image and not that of a photoshopped model.
      Thank you for stopping by and reading today .☺


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