Monday reverie – vol 7


Today is the first day of school half term…yay! #sarcasm
I say that but its not too bad…as long as the kids sit still, don’t talk and behave lol ☺

To be fair we have had a pretty good morning –

We did a puzzle


Did some gluing –


Oh and stuck stickers to our face –


Although now I am pretty sure that I am maxed out on the activities front..oops!

I must admit my creativity levels reach a certain point then kinda fall off the edge….
So in my collection of internet finds this week I am mixing it up a bit –

Firstly I am still having issues with James’s sleeping pattern at night. He naps by himself now, but he is a terribly light sleeper..if I roll over in bed he wakes up. So I found this article on the ABCs of sleep time – check it out

I decided to have a a little search for activity ideas to keep the kids entertained for the next 2 weeks at least..thanks to netmums I found this – check it out

Cake + chocolate = yum you must eat it

Oh my goodness, I must share this find with you – I found her on Instagram just this morning… And I love, love, love her talent.
You must check her out like right now ☺

A great post by Chantelle of fat mum slim on the parenting grey area – its definitely worth a gander check it out

This is how mama’s roll –


Sounds like my life lol!

Thanks to the wonder that is scary mommy – I found this great post about when your kids move into their own home…we will go round and break their stuff lol – check it out

That’s it for my finds this week, some good stuff I might say ☺

Shall we end on a nice quote – to make you smile


Oh and a smile to brighten your monday


Have a great day my lovelies 😉



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