FMF – good

Hey there…happy Friday folks!

Another weekend is upon us, hurrah!

Which means is five minute Friday again… One of my favourite times of the week.
A time in which to flex my creative muscle ☺
A time where people around the internet join in for 5 minutes of writing…free writing might I add!

So here goes my friends…
Today’s word is good.

Ready, set, go.

As children we hear the words ‘be good’
As a parent I use this word constantly.

But we never think of the other interpretation of the word good.

When you have a bad day, you can’t imagine there being a good outcome.
You imagine yourself in a good place.
To take yourself away from the bad, dark moments and settle yourself in a field of good.

In my bad days I made a good place.
My good place is a beach at sunset, sitting and reading my favourite book.
A calming place with the sound of waves in the background.

We need to find the good in things, and focus on the light at the end.


A bad is just a bad day, not a bad life.
I try my best to focus on the good in life and the blessings I have received from Jehovah.

If we focus on the good, then the bad perhaps won’t seem so bad after all.

When I hear the words be good, not bad.
I take it that I need to put my head in a good place and close the door on the badness.


That’s another Friday done and dusted! Yay!!

Happy weekend folks



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