Living in colour

I got to thinking just lately about colours.
When you look around you what do you see?

Everywhere I look there is a different colour…purple walls, pink water bottle, red toy boxes.

Where would we be without colour?
I know where I would be…my ‘black and white’ thoughts would be on the outside..
No longer would I wear my favourite colours with no fear.

The great thing about colour is that he can be used to express so many things.
It can show our mood.
It can show our personality.

So I made some collages of my favourite colours –
But tell me what do you think the colours say about me?!



Yea yea I like red..shocker 😉



Trust me I have a shy personality, but when it comes to my color choices I am not a wall flower!

I would like to know what your favourite colour(s) is ☺

Have a colourful Sunday!



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