Looking at myself

Hey there!

Having been reflecting on how far I have come just lately in my self esteem project, I have come to a realisation that I tend to go full on all or nothing kind of thing.

But in doing that i got my self a little stuck…
So I have been taking a look at myself inside and out, trying to find different feelings for who I am.

I am not one to shy away from a cheeky selfie…its fun ☺
However today I found my old favourite red lipstick… Put some on and took a self portrait with my camera.


I may add I am not smiling..mainly because I think I look a bit weird when I smile.
But this has pretty much everything that people recognise about me..minus the camera in my hand!
People see me and see freckles and red hair.

Its what makes me Charlotte I guess.

But I am waffling..Yea I do that ☺

So I have decided to share a few more random Charlotte facts –
Giving myself time to reflect on me.

•  my favourite colour is red…shocker I know! I wore an outfit the other day not realising until I left the house that my dress, shoes and fascinator were all red.
• I am obsessed with pasta. I have it at least twice a week..I could eat it everyday. (Yea I could never cut out carbs)
• I have a thing for photographing flowers – just today I took these –




• I have never broken a bone. Yup not even a toe. I am pretty proud of this fact ☺
• my favourite film is Forrest Gump – its what made me fall in love with Tom Hanks and his incredible acting talent.
• when I read a new book, I become immediately attached to it and its characters. I then read it over and over.
• I have never gotten a tattoo. I also never plan on getting one.
• I didn’t learn to drive until I was 25.
• I am a savoury snacker. I am pretty much the only woman I know that doesn’t really like chocolate.
• I am too afraid to exercise at the gym.
• I have visited Hawaii and California, but never visited Scotland… Which is like 8 hours from Wales…hmm weird!
• vanilla is my favourite candle scent.
• I don’t have a particular genre of music that I enjoy…I like just about everything… Ooh except hardcore dance and hip hop ☺
• I have 2 camera lenses but only really use the one..
• I can dislocate both my shoulders…its my party trick lol!
• I can’t resist buying sunglasses..they are my favourite type of accessory ☺

There’s 15 random facts about me 😀
Feel free to ask if you want to know anymore about me!
However I want to know more about you – give me some random facts about you!



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