Would you choose beautiful?

So yesterday whilst looking through twitter and its trending hash tags, I discovered something pretty awesome.
Dove have released their new campaign (7th April) called #choosebeautiful

In a nutshell – 2 pathways leading to 2 doors were set up – above one was the word ‘average’ the other ‘beautiful’ –
Now as a general rule I don’t like to categories myself – because I would over think and question my choice.

Check out the video on YouTube – here

What I found interesting about it is about 92% of the women would consider themselves to be average.
If I was being generous I would put myself in the average category – but just saying that has opened up a tin of worms in my head…already the word average is being questioned.

But why?

Why do I fear to categories myself?

Why are we so afraid to call ourselves beautiful?
Why do we fear the idea of being or seeing ourselves as beautiful?


But I may be hard on myself with this and I need to heed my own advice here –
However, I think all women are beautiful… Irrespective of race, nationality, background etc.
You don’t need to have hair on point and perfect make up to be beautiful.
We don’t need to be societies ideal of beautiful.

So the key question is this…
Which one would you choose?

Average or beautiful?

I say choose beautiful every time – because you are!

What is your opinion of this experiment?



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