FMF – tomorrow

Hey there,

How are you all this fine Friday?
Now don’t fall over in shock at my earliness… I am having friends for dinner this evening so I am doing today’s post in between chores…yay for 5 minute coffee breaks!

Now I might add next Friday we are off on our jolly the lake district. So I will be pretty much unplugged for the week…eek 😲 which means you won’t here from me for a whole week…dry your eyes I will be back 😉

On the plus side I get to share a lot of photographs with you!! Boo yea!

Alright, moving on with the task at hand.

Today is another five minute Friday. I am joining in with others around the world to 5 minutes of free writing… No editing allowed.

Today’s word is tomorrow.

3, 2, 1, go

When I thought of today’s prompt word, a quote from Macbeth leapt into my mind


Although this isn’t what I think of in a general sense, I had to share it because the wording is very powerful.
But for me tomorrow’s are so important.

They are what got me through so many difficult days –
At the end of a bad day I would say ‘don’t worry there is always tomorrow’
Realising this makes me a little less hard on myself.
I think we are all our own biggest critics.

I would constantly think of myself as a failure if I couldn’t get through a day without crying.

But if you get into the mindset of, its OK we can try again tomorrow… It will ease the guilt you feel.
If you don’t manage it today, then just give it another go tomorrow.

The word tomorrow is full of hope and promise.
You know that tomorrow gives you another chance.

Like that first line of the quote ‘tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow’ we have a whole bunch of tomorrow’s to keep going, to keep striving, to keep working hard at being ourselves.

Just remember today may be rough, but tomorrow is another day to make it smoother.


That’s my 5 minutes.
You know its funny, I never truly know where my thoughts are going to take me. That’s what I think is so great about FMF.

Have an awesome weekend ☺



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