One + four = life – love, crochet, sunny days and sheep


So this is my second week doing this and I must admit, being someone who lives with a camera glued to her face gives me quite a lot of choice.
Which makes it kind of tough to choose 4 moments/pictures.

But I am waffling…again…sigh!

As you can see I chose my 4.


Love –
I have been feeling the love this week. Not just from my family, but mostly from myself. I am rocking the self love right now.


Crochet –
Today I finished my first project. I have managed to use YouTube to teach myself crochet. I started off making granny squares. Then I found out some friends of our are expecting a baby girl…which made me decide to crochet a blanket for them. This is the finished product, I must admit I am really proud of myself…I even managed a scalloped edge ☺ keep your eyes peeled for further projects.


Sheep –
Most people would describe Wales as the land of sheep…growing up in Wales you kind of get used to being around them. Its currently lambing season at my dads house. Whilst taking a walk around the yard I found this little fella looking for his mummy.


Sunny days –
This windmill caught my eye, because it reminds me of sunny beach days from my childhood. I was hit by a wave of nostalgia when I held it, I felt like a child again πŸ˜‰

Those were my 4 moments of life from this week, such a fun week full of glorious sunshine.
I can’t wait for the next one.

Until next time my friends.



3 thoughts on “One + four = life – love, crochet, sunny days and sheep

  1. Great choice of photos. I’d also like to learn to crochet, though I’m not sure I’ll have the patience for it. Growing up we had sheep at our place too, I looked after 2 orphaned lambs. I named them Barry & Cherry, such characters they were! Thanks for sharing and bringing back some of my own childhood memories πŸ™‚


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