One + four = life – cupcakes, reflections, waffle stitch and colour pop.


Hey there all!
Hope you having a great weekend.
Its just coming to the end of another school holidays… The next school holidays is 6 weeks long eek!
Anyway.. I will stress about that when it comes around.

This last week has been iffy to say the least…I mean there was the hospital trips on Monday, followed by the news that James will need his lip cut before he’s 7 years old – and I have been worrying a bit about my health just lately –
I have been having pain in my right breast for like a month and thought nothing of it…but I then read an article saying it can be a sign of cancer!
Then on Tuesday I had what felt like an anxiety attack/heart attack – I knelt to play with James and my head went fuzzy, heart palpitations…like it felt like it was coming out of my chest I could hear my blood pounding around my chest was tight and my throat was closing..went on for like 20 minutes it was frigging scary.
Other than that its been an OK sort of week!

Let’s get going with this weeks moments –


Cupcakes –
Me and my big girl decided to bake yesterday. Its coming up to our 8 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday, which is a very special day.
As Jehovah’s witnesses we don’t celebrate birthdays and Christmas, so for anniversaries are nice celebration’s with gifts for the children too. So Bella and I decided to make some special sprinkled cupcakes for the occasion..p.s they are all gone lol!


Reflections –
Its been nice to see my baby boy smile more this week. Seeing him poorly makes me sad. He is always such a happy boy..who is scarily turning 1 next month. Just this week I saw a time hop of this time last year when I was heavily pregnant..still growing James. Its really strange looking back on where I was a year ago (with a massive belly lol) but there is something about looking back that makes me all warm inside!


Waffle stitch –
Its been a while since I have sat down with my wool and crochet today I made some time (you know during that small window if opportunity when kids nap!). I follow this awesome YouTube channel – Bella coco..and this is one of her must recent uploads, so I decided to give it a whack. Its actually a lot less complicated than it appears and it looks watch this space I might make a blanket out of it.


Colour pop –
This month on PAD I have been doing an entire month of black and white photographs. So I have been playing around with filters and such..I took this shot yesterday and added a few filters – which gave me this pretty end result. Which I really like ☺

That’s my week.

But while I have your attention –
Here is my PAD month


I actually really enjoyed having a theme to work with you know.
Can’t wait too see all your pictures for this week

Have a great Sunday



FMF – blue

Happy Friday readers –

Today marks another five minute Friday – that time if the week when a group of people from across the world spend five minutes free writing – and its my favourite part of the week –
I love nothing more than expressing myself with my writing.

So here we go – today’s word is blue – this is a good one.

Ready, set, go…

When you are feeling blue what do you do?
Take a day off work?
Sit down in your PJs with a cup of tea?
Have a duvet day?
Watch sad movies?
Go to your happy place?

Or do you do this…


Well I must admit I have less black days now..but more blue days.
But when I have a blue day, I like to listen to music.
Music can help to chase my blues away –

‘When your weary, feeling small.
When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all.
I’m on your side, when times get rough’

But I digress.

When I feel blue – nothing cheers me up more than my happy place.
To escape into a place (ironically) surrounded by blue.. Blue skies, the blue ocean…maybe even a blue cocktail 😉
Blue may be considered a general cold colour or the colour of sadness..


But when I sit in front of the blue ocean, with waves lapping around me how can I feel sorrowful?!

Looking at the blue sky surrounding me, it clears my mind and washes away my sadness.

Blue is not always so sorrowful.


I wanted to talk about my baby boy today – but this free writing always takes me in unexpected directions ☺

What do you do to chase the blues away?


Tuesday @ ten – what I’ve learned

I am joining in again with karen over at finding the grace within and her Tuesday at ten link up.

Now as soon as I read this weeks prompt I just knew exactly what I wanted to share with you.

Having been bullied in my teens by those I thought were friends and also those who weren’t – I have learned that no matter how much you try to brush it aside – words hurt


I have said before that words have the ability to heal or to hurt.
Words are seriously powerful.
Anyone can be hurt by someone who uses negative words to cut somebody down.
Not only do words hurt – but actions hurt as well.
Being left out – is bullying
Talking behind someone’s back – is bullying
Negative words – bullying
Threatening someone – bullying
Physical violence – bullying

I am lucky that I never had threats on my life or violence.
But when you suffer at the end of a bully’s vicious taunts it can take a lot out of your self esteem.


But i have learned that a true friend is only a true friend when they stand by your side and support you.
If they join in with the bullying then trust me they aren’t a friend.

The other side if bullying is that now we have the faceless bully.
The online bully. The online troll.
They push the boundaries of bullying to ultimately scary levels – pushing people to kill themselves.

But a big part if my past has pushed to learn several lessons –
1. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words hurt just as much.
2. Scars heal
3. Don’t let bullies win.


Remember – people will tear down because it makes them feel superior.
But you – you are amazing
Never let the words get you down
Be the amazing, confident you that they don’t expect you to be
Shine through with your awesome sparkle.
But you are a star – and you can make it through the dark.

These are things I have learned.


Inspirational women – female bloggers

Hey there!

So its only Tuesday and already I have had quite the week…yesterday marked day 2 of hospital trips…took James back to my nearest A+E then got sent to another one about an hour drive away.
However hooray its all sorted out now – but unfortunately he has a low lying freneleum, so by the time he is 7 he will need it cut in order for his adult teeth to grow in properly..but it can be fixed so its not worth me stressing about for the next 6 years!

But that’s enough about me – let’s talk inspirational female bloggers.
I have started doing this thing lately where when I come across a strong, inspirational person I like to write a post.

However, there is not just one today.
There will be 3.

Let’s start off shall we    .


Tahnie – a happy girl

I came across Tahnie’s blog when I took part in a month long blog challenge that she was hosting.
Let me tell you something this girl is a survivor and a seriously strong lady.
Firstly at 16 months old she was diagnosed with cystinosis, which basically makes the body produce toxic amounts of cystine – causing crystals to form in every cell of the body – meaning she needed a kidney transplant at 11 – donated by her awesome mum!
Prior to the transplant her parents were told she wouldn’t live past the age of 10!
After her transplant she developed diabetes as a side effect of a big dose steroid she had to take.
This awesome lady graduated college in 2008!
After which she went through an incredibly high risk pregnancy – where she had to stop taking her medication and the affect on her transplanted kidney! She is 1 of only 9 women with this disease to successfully go to pregnancy full term and deliver.
Her gorgeous daughter was born in 2010, and her kidney held out!
This woman is incredible, strong and just remarkable.
She has such astonishing strength – and I literally find her an incredible inspiration.
She is a frigging fighter, for sure!
Tahnie – I salute you!

Ellie – one crafty mother

This blog is a recent discovery. When I was doing a Google search it popped up in my options.
So I took a look. Boy this lady is something else.
She has battled alcoholism – and is so open about it, which I think is great because it might help others to talk about the issue – she has also founded the blog crying out now for those suffering from addiction and going through recovery.
She also co-founded and co-hosts an online talk show that focuses on real people and their true stories on recovery and alcoholism.
She us very open and honest about her battle with alcohol – which led to her being on Oprah.
Not only has she struggled with alcoholism – she was diagnosed with stage 4 tonsil cancer. After having numerous chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments – she was declared to be in remission in April of 2012.  I read her entire cancer journey on her blog – it makes for some seriously eye opening reading.
The thing I find most extraordinary about Ellie is her ability to be so amazingly open and straight talking – and her strength is just incredib



Owens family – Gavin Owens

Let me tell you something about this family – they are extraordinary.
In 2006 their son Gavin was born, following a difficult 30week pregnancy.
His little life was full of many, many struggles…from liver dysfunction to bone marrow failure.
To read his story is positively heart breaking, and brought me to tears.
In 2008 he was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease – which comes from the bodies inability to make energy from food – which eventually results in organ failure.
In 2009 he lost his ability to breathe on his own – they had to make the devastating decision that it was time to let Gavin go, which turning off his life support.
I don’t know if I could go through this with as much strength as the Owens family did.
This beautiful boy, filled their lives with so much joy its incredible. In the pictures you can his beautiful blue eyes shining with such happiness, its obvious he was a truly special boy.

After the devastating death of their son Gavin – they decided to start the adoption process, in order to help a child find a loving home.
In 2010 they finalised adoption of a beautiful little girl with special needs called Angela. Oh my word let me tell this little girl radiates happiness, joy and beauty, just looking at her smile makes me smile.
In 2012 they adopted Jayden.
He is a truly special boy. Such a happy boy.
This family are so wonderful. They are strong. They are just incredible.
I have always wanted to adopt a child – and this family have been blessed with having these children coming into their lives and filling it with immense joy.
I have so much respect for people who adopt children in need of a happy home.
Bless you Owens family


These inspiring people fill me with such a warm glow.
They give me hope that if they can be that strong through so many hardships so can I.
They are all pretty incredible people!

Feel free to share anything that you may come upon that may pique my interest.

Who inspires you?


One + four = life – fab four, tiny creatures, memories and Elsa!


So alright I am late this week, but after a pretty rubbish weekend my brain was shot!
On Saturday morning James decided to try and steal his sisters banana off the coffee table…he pulled himself up, fell and hit his face. Queue lots of bleeding… I checked his mouth and his top lip was stuck between his front teeth!
Massive panic…race to A+E…they couldn’t get it out…send to next hospital.. They tell me it could be his lip to gum join that we can see now…so they sent us home. Now I know its not that…call it mother’s instinct if you will.
I check on it Sunday morning… There is more stuck and its swollen at the back! Awesome! But I refuse to take him back straight away..after being fobbed off last time…anyway that was my bank holiday weekend fun lol! But I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Moving on here are my four pictures for this week –


Fab four –
Yea not the Beatles I am afraid! No this week my picture was chosen for the fan four on PAD’s Facebook group. This is the second time one of my self portraits has been chosen, and I must admit all the kind comments a really overwhelming. As someone that generally feels weird when people say nice things about me..I was real taken aback.
Maybe for once I should take heed of what people say and believe them…instead of thinking they are taking the mickey!


Tiny creatures –
After all of the debacle on Saturday, we got home just in time to enjoy a few hours of a super, sunny day. I left the girls for a moment outside…Bella comes running in shouting ‘mummy, mummy I found a snail!’ Granted she’s holding it by the shell at arms length.. Looking as if it might attack her at any moment! So I say ‘ooh hold still let me take a picture’ then she started screaming because it put its feelers out 😂 so I took a picture on my hand instead…. Mind you she had no trouble finding it a home in our garden!


Memories –
I will admit I am one of those people that still gets photos printed. I still keep albums in my drawer..not online…shock horror!
I like to keep memories that I can look at all the time – sometimes for me the mere thought memory isn’t enough and by looking at past pictures it opens more memories. This week I finally got around to starting James’s baby album…only 11 months after he was born!


Elsa –
In our house there seems no end to the frozen craze! Saturday rolls around and Bella wants her Elsa dress on…then Ariana wants to be like Bella! This was just before the James lip fiasco… So I had no time to change them into normal clothes! Yea you guessed it we had to drag two little Elsa’s around the hospital with us lol! At least it got a lot of smiles from people!

That’s my week!
What about yours? Anything exciting?
Oh and don’t worry I will keep you posted of James 😊
Have a great ‘day off work’/bank holiday 😁


FMF – Rise

Hey there!

So it would appear that I may have forgotten to join in with FMF last week…oops my bad!
So I am trying to do it now while the thought is fresh in my mind.

Here goes.
Ready, set, go…

This morning I shall rise with the sun,
Wipe the sleep from my eyes getting ready for the day.
Each day I rise out of bed I am thankful for the new day,
Like a phoenix I rise from the ashes of my past.
Grateful for the new start I am given each morning


There have been days where I didn’t want to leave my bed.
But I am moving forward in myself.

We can learn a lot from Elsa – its never too late to be yourself.
To rise from the person you portray for the sake of others and be who you were always meant to be.
To stop hiding from yourself.
To rise out of the isolation, to learn to let people in.

Like Elsa I ‘rise like the break of dawn’ each day, more determined than the last to conquer my fears
To be brave
To be myself
I will rise like a blooming flower, searching for the sunlight that allows it to grow.

I plan to start everyday with a grateful heart and an open mind.

To rise out of my facade into my real self.


What do you think of when you hear the word rise?


Mama musings – blinged up babies and celebrity baby names

Well hello dear reader!
And a happy Wednesday to you ☺

It has become painfully aware to me that I have been neglecting my mama thoughts for some time now…oops!
But I am rectifying this today!

Mainly due to the fact that I watched a new programme today called bringing up baby…and parts made me giggle while others made me sit there aghast.
Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of sparkle as much as the next person – but this was too much for me.



Thank you Pinterest and Google for the pictures!
Now the mums who I took most issue with, in the sense if its them who influence and dress their children.
Some spending £100 a week on new outfits and refusing to put them in the sane thing twice.

On mother said ‘if you don’t buy your kids the latest ‘in’ stuff you want them to be bullied!’
This made me so cross! Its as if she is saying that you need fashionable clothes and popularity to be important.
In fact this mother allows her 6 year old daughter to put on proper false nails.. Glue included – and full make up for school – and a spray on tan each weekend.
I have no problem with kids playing with makeup – in fact my daughter has some princess perfume and a little old lipstick of my mum’s.


But the one problem from spoiling our daughters that we sending the wrong message –
A) that appearance is the most important thing

It also came up that one mum was too afraid to dress her daughter in trousers and didn’t want her to be a police officer… Because it isn’t a girly job – which brings another point –
B) and being girly is all you can be

I like to put my girl’s in pretty things. But I don’t focus everything on appearances.
We need to instill into our children that appearance is not more important than everything else.
There is too much emphasis on the outward appearance nowadays.

What is your opinion on this whole thing?

Do you agree with the sometimes over the top parenting of today’s modern mums?


(The dress colour is cute though!)

This week I read a post on chantelle’s blog about her favourite celebrity baby names – which made me think –
So I thought I would sneak them into today’s post!

Here are my few favourite’s –

1. Emerson Rose (Teri Hatcher and John Tenney)
2. Luna (Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem)
3. Willow Katherine (Michelle Monaghan and Peter White)
4. Ava Grace (Melissa Rycroft and Ty Strickland)

1. Moxie Crime fighter (Penn and Emily Jillette)

1. Cayden Wyatt (Kevin and Christine Costner)
2. Elijah (Heather Morris and Taylor Hubbell)
3. Hunter Lee (Josh Holloway and Yessica kumala)
4. Milo (Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon)

1. Buddy Bear Maurice ( Jamie and Jools Oliver)

I must admit when there is a celebrity birth I am always dying to hear their name ☺ plus I love babies!

Do you have any favourite names?
Please share!

Have a great Wednesday