One + four = life – big trees, bridge houses, red lippy and books


Last week I missed my one + four due to being internet-less.
So this week I can’t wait to share my 4 pictures with you ☺


We found some wonderfully big trees in the lakes, like this one it was huge! I have a picture of Bella in front of it (whilst i was standing some distance away) and she looks teeny next to it ☺


This is one of my favourite buildings in the lake district. The bridge house in ambleside, built over 300 years ago..and used as either a summer house or apple store. It was purchased by the local people in 1926 and given to the national trust. I love it greatly 💖


Have you ever found that thing that makes you brim with confidence?! Well I found mine. Now dear reader you already know I am not a makeup person… But this is one thing I can get used to. Red is my favourite colour anyway…this just makes me love it more! I found my lipstick shade for life now!


I have rediscovered an old love this last week. Books. My wonderful paper friends. Beautiful of wistful adventure. Whilst on holiday I devoured ‘the fault in our stars’ in 2 days. I had forgotten how books have the ability to bring out so many of our emotions. By the end I was sitting there with moist eyes and my hand over my mouth, heart racing and pulse pounding. I was in love with each character. It has been a while since i fell headfirst into a book ☺
I will make a habit of it.

I hope you have all had a great weekend



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