FMF – meet

Happy Friday dear reader!

I am currently sitting here in my PJs with a glass of wine (yup rock star life!)pondering over what to do this weekend… Most likely my usual mum stuff ☺
But its Friday, which means that its time for five minute Friday…a time where lovely bloggers join together for some free writing fun!

I must admit though when I first glanced at today’s prompt it had me all kinds of stumped…but I think I have an angle to go with πŸ˜‰

Prompt – meet

Ready, set, go.

When you first meet me I may seem shy and introverted.. which I am.
I find it weird and nerve racking to meet people I don’t know.
I always worry how am going to come across
What am I going to say
What if they don’t like me


Yup I am all kinds of social anxiety in one small 5ft3 package.
I will often put myself off going to a social event where there are new people, mainly because I struggle to drag myself out of myself.

But I generally feel massive waves of social anxiety when I meet ‘real’ people (by real I mean in the flesh)
Its been easier for me to meet new people via my blog..because I don’t see the expression on their face while they talk to me – I always feel I come across like this weird, awkward, sarcastic creature – and that people will listen to me but i can read their expression..and my imagination does silly things!

Meeting people via their written words is so much more comfortable for me. Also I think you can learn so much more about a person – because not only do you get to know them but you get to meet their personality and imagination.

So I suppose I am happy to let people meet me without ‘meeting’ me than I am joining in with a group of people and trying to introduce myself in an awkward way.

Come and meet me and my thoughts ☺ I welcome you with virtual open arms.


Another five minutes of writing done. To be honest though I could have waffled on for hours…ironic isn’t it…if you were sat in my presence tumbleweed would be rolling by right now 😁

Alright dear friends,
Have a wonderful Friday wherever you may be



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