I write because….

I discovered a new blog just yesterday, which does a prompt every Tuesday – so I am joining karen at finding the grace within

Here goes –

Why do I write?
Well I write because for me its freedom.
Freedom to express myself
Freedom to share whatever is on my mind ☺

My mind us always going even when I try to switch it off – swirling with a thousand thoughts and ideas, but sometimes I struggle to form the words.
But as I sit here now writing this I can hear the words in my head while I write – which feels awesome.

I am also someone who wears their heart on their sleeve – I am a super emotional person – however I am also really good at disguising things you know

But since starting my blog over a year ago it has allowed me to open up about past personal stuff.
Writing about subjects that are taboo – self harm, post natal depression, the way the media portrays perfection, anorexia
Were it not for my writing I don’t think I would talk about such things you know!

It allows me to bare my soul, to be an open book, not to be afraid to be myself.

So why do I write?
It gives me the chance to be who I am and to not be afraid.

I found this Sylvia Plath quote great


Have a great Saturday readers ☺



2 thoughts on “I write because….

  1. LOVELY post and I am so glad you joined my Tuesday at Ten … thank you for coming to my blog and being a part of it 🙂 I love your blog … I look forward to reading more of it.


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