One + four = life – homemade jewellery, flowers, crochet projects and squirrels


Can’t believe the weekend is nearly over –
Its been one full of no sleep and stuffy noses….but I am waffling 😁

1. Homemade jewellery


Bella and I had some mummy/daughter time on Saturday – we made a necklace out of sparkly beads…which Bella picked out. It now has pride of place in her little mermaid jewellery box ☺

2. April showers bring may flowers


This time of year is when the bluebells come out (one of my favourite flowers) you will see blankets of them everywhere! But in recent years I have discovered that there are such things as white bells and pink bells – which are equally as glorious! But be quick they aren’t about for long 😉

3. Crochet project


I made myself a phone case today! Thanks to the wonders of YouTube I am really getting into this crochet thing. Its a hobby I have been trying for a while – but not doing so great at due to pattern confusion. Since we got broadband 6 months ago (yes we have lived here nearly 8 years with no landline or internet!) I have discovered the wonder of YouTube tutorials – thanks to Donna Wolfe of I made this beauty!

4. Sneaky squirrels


Monday morning hubby told me about some baby geese in our next door neighbours field – me being me grabbed my camera and rushed outside. Unfortunately I was too early and they weren’t out yet – however just as I was heading in, I spotted this fellow sneaking around outside ☺ glad I waited now!

That was some highlights of my week – before I leave you I will share this picture


Adorable right?!

Here’s to another week 🍷



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