One + four = life


Another week gone…yikes it’ll be half time break for the school before I know it 😲 why must time fly by so quickly?!
So this week has been mostly filled with school runs, crochet, reading, making lunches, eye tests and bubble blowing.
I just wish that the weeks went by a bit slower you know?!

Anyway let’s go!

1. Sunny garden fun


Bella had some fun in the garden yesterday (on what is apparently the last sunny day for a while…joy!) whilst James and Ariana were napping. She has just mastered blowing dandelions… So naturally I had to take a picture… To go with the thousands of others! What can I say I love picture memories ☺

2. New eyewear


Yes dear reader I have glasses! Don’t I look spexy…sorry! I couldn’t resist 😁. So i decided this week it was time for my first eye test in 9 years… and I came away with glasses…which I might add has really upped my feelings of anxiety and vulnerability on my appearance.. So I have had a bit of a bad week with my self esteem πŸ˜” don’t worry though I will be a-ok

3. Injured hedgehog


As I was returning from my food shop on Friday I spotted this fellow on my driveway. I went to see it, and I was taken a back a bit…(excuse the tmi here) something had attacked its face. I felt so bad for it that I wrapped it up in my coat and took it to the house, gave it some water…and needless to say the little fellow scampered off…I just hope its OK.

4. Photo creativity


I have started doing a theme month with my photo a day challenge – my month of black and white. I must admit I have discovered a whole new firm of creativity with regards to black and white photography – I always feel like it tells a different story than colour photography you know?! Maybe it’s just me lol!

That’s my four folks!
Its surprising how many moments we can find when we really look isn’t it? If I didn’t pay proper attention I would probably just skip over certain moments you know!?

How about you guys? Do you think you notice every moment as important or are you like me?

Have a good Sunday ☺



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