Mama musings – blinged up babies and celebrity baby names

Well hello dear reader!
And a happy Wednesday to you ☺

It has become painfully aware to me that I have been neglecting my mama thoughts for some time now…oops!
But I am rectifying this today!

Mainly due to the fact that I watched a new programme today called bringing up baby…and parts made me giggle while others made me sit there aghast.
Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of sparkle as much as the next person – but this was too much for me.



Thank you Pinterest and Google for the pictures!
Now the mums who I took most issue with, in the sense if its them who influence and dress their children.
Some spending £100 a week on new outfits and refusing to put them in the sane thing twice.

On mother said ‘if you don’t buy your kids the latest ‘in’ stuff you want them to be bullied!’
This made me so cross! Its as if she is saying that you need fashionable clothes and popularity to be important.
In fact this mother allows her 6 year old daughter to put on proper false nails.. Glue included – and full make up for school – and a spray on tan each weekend.
I have no problem with kids playing with makeup – in fact my daughter has some princess perfume and a little old lipstick of my mum’s.


But the one problem from spoiling our daughters that we sending the wrong message –
A) that appearance is the most important thing

It also came up that one mum was too afraid to dress her daughter in trousers and didn’t want her to be a police officer… Because it isn’t a girly job – which brings another point –
B) and being girly is all you can be

I like to put my girl’s in pretty things. But I don’t focus everything on appearances.
We need to instill into our children that appearance is not more important than everything else.
There is too much emphasis on the outward appearance nowadays.

What is your opinion on this whole thing?

Do you agree with the sometimes over the top parenting of today’s modern mums?


(The dress colour is cute though!)

This week I read a post on chantelle’s blog about her favourite celebrity baby names – which made me think –
So I thought I would sneak them into today’s post!

Here are my few favourite’s –

1. Emerson Rose (Teri Hatcher and John Tenney)
2. Luna (Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem)
3. Willow Katherine (Michelle Monaghan and Peter White)
4. Ava Grace (Melissa Rycroft and Ty Strickland)

1. Moxie Crime fighter (Penn and Emily Jillette)

1. Cayden Wyatt (Kevin and Christine Costner)
2. Elijah (Heather Morris and Taylor Hubbell)
3. Hunter Lee (Josh Holloway and Yessica kumala)
4. Milo (Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon)

1. Buddy Bear Maurice ( Jamie and Jools Oliver)

I must admit when there is a celebrity birth I am always dying to hear their name ☺ plus I love babies!

Do you have any favourite names?
Please share!

Have a great Wednesday



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