One + four = life – fab four, tiny creatures, memories and Elsa!


So alright I am late this week, but after a pretty rubbish weekend my brain was shot!
On Saturday morning James decided to try and steal his sisters banana off the coffee table…he pulled himself up, fell and hit his face. Queue lots of bleeding… I checked his mouth and his top lip was stuck between his front teeth!
Massive panic…race to A+E…they couldn’t get it out…send to next hospital.. They tell me it could be his lip to gum join that we can see now…so they sent us home. Now I know its not that…call it mother’s instinct if you will.
I check on it Sunday morning… There is more stuck and its swollen at the back! Awesome! But I refuse to take him back straight away..after being fobbed off last time…anyway that was my bank holiday weekend fun lol! But I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Moving on here are my four pictures for this week –


Fab four –
Yea not the Beatles I am afraid! No this week my picture was chosen for the fan four on PAD’s Facebook group. This is the second time one of my self portraits has been chosen, and I must admit all the kind comments a really overwhelming. As someone that generally feels weird when people say nice things about me..I was real taken aback.
Maybe for once I should take heed of what people say and believe them…instead of thinking they are taking the mickey!


Tiny creatures –
After all of the debacle on Saturday, we got home just in time to enjoy a few hours of a super, sunny day. I left the girls for a moment outside…Bella comes running in shouting ‘mummy, mummy I found a snail!’ Granted she’s holding it by the shell at arms length.. Looking as if it might attack her at any moment! So I say ‘ooh hold still let me take a picture’ then she started screaming because it put its feelers out 😂 so I took a picture on my hand instead…. Mind you she had no trouble finding it a home in our garden!


Memories –
I will admit I am one of those people that still gets photos printed. I still keep albums in my drawer..not online…shock horror!
I like to keep memories that I can look at all the time – sometimes for me the mere thought memory isn’t enough and by looking at past pictures it opens more memories. This week I finally got around to starting James’s baby album…only 11 months after he was born!


Elsa –
In our house there seems no end to the frozen craze! Saturday rolls around and Bella wants her Elsa dress on…then Ariana wants to be like Bella! This was just before the James lip fiasco… So I had no time to change them into normal clothes! Yea you guessed it we had to drag two little Elsa’s around the hospital with us lol! At least it got a lot of smiles from people!

That’s my week!
What about yours? Anything exciting?
Oh and don’t worry I will keep you posted of James 😊
Have a great ‘day off work’/bank holiday 😁



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