Tuesday @ ten – what I’ve learned

I am joining in again with karen over at finding the grace within and her Tuesday at ten link up.

Now as soon as I read this weeks prompt I just knew exactly what I wanted to share with you.

Having been bullied in my teens by those I thought were friends and also those who weren’t – I have learned that no matter how much you try to brush it aside – words hurt


I have said before that words have the ability to heal or to hurt.
Words are seriously powerful.
Anyone can be hurt by someone who uses negative words to cut somebody down.
Not only do words hurt – but actions hurt as well.
Being left out – is bullying
Talking behind someone’s back – is bullying
Negative words – bullying
Threatening someone – bullying
Physical violence – bullying

I am lucky that I never had threats on my life or violence.
But when you suffer at the end of a bully’s vicious taunts it can take a lot out of your self esteem.


But i have learned that a true friend is only a true friend when they stand by your side and support you.
If they join in with the bullying then trust me they aren’t a friend.

The other side if bullying is that now we have the faceless bully.
The online bully. The online troll.
They push the boundaries of bullying to ultimately scary levels – pushing people to kill themselves.

But a big part if my past has pushed to learn several lessons –
1. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words hurt just as much.
2. Scars heal
3. Don’t let bullies win.


Remember – people will tear down because it makes them feel superior.
But you – you are amazing
Never let the words get you down
Be the amazing, confident you that they don’t expect you to be
Shine through with your awesome sparkle.
But you are a star – and you can make it through the dark.

These are things I have learned.



7 thoughts on “Tuesday @ ten – what I’ve learned

  1. I LOVE THIS! you are a great writer and I enjoy your link ups each week! …. by the way, check out the Tuesday at Ten Facebook page for the NEWS I just posted.. I am starting a weekly highlighted writer for the Tuesday at Ten writers …. it will be a lot of fun, and you could be chosen this week …

    Great writing Charlotte … I enjoyed the meaning behind the phrase!

    Liked by 1 person

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