FMF – blue

Happy Friday readers –

Today marks another five minute Friday – that time if the week when a group of people from across the world spend five minutes free writing – and its my favourite part of the week –
I love nothing more than expressing myself with my writing.

So here we go – today’s word is blue – this is a good one.

Ready, set, go…

When you are feeling blue what do you do?
Take a day off work?
Sit down in your PJs with a cup of tea?
Have a duvet day?
Watch sad movies?
Go to your happy place?

Or do you do this…


Well I must admit I have less black days now..but more blue days.
But when I have a blue day, I like to listen to music.
Music can help to chase my blues away –

‘When your weary, feeling small.
When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all.
I’m on your side, when times get rough’

But I digress.

When I feel blue – nothing cheers me up more than my happy place.
To escape into a place (ironically) surrounded by blue.. Blue skies, the blue ocean…maybe even a blue cocktail 😉
Blue may be considered a general cold colour or the colour of sadness..


But when I sit in front of the blue ocean, with waves lapping around me how can I feel sorrowful?!

Looking at the blue sky surrounding me, it clears my mind and washes away my sadness.

Blue is not always so sorrowful.


I wanted to talk about my baby boy today – but this free writing always takes me in unexpected directions ☺

What do you do to chase the blues away?



4 thoughts on “FMF – blue

  1. Charlotte, we share two favorite activities: looking up at the expanse of blue skies (where God’s creativity is on full display) and being near the ocean (there is something so calming about doing so). I am thankful for the way God ministers to us through His creation. Indeed, “Blue is not always sorrowful.” Visiting from FMF. Blessings.

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  2. And can’t we be thankful for the depth and complexity of life that this represents? That we can be both blue-sorrowful about some things and at the same time be blue-skies and blue-waters about others. What a blessing this variety is! Thanks for your post. Stopping by from FMF ~Katy


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