One + four = life – cupcakes, reflections, waffle stitch and colour pop.


Hey there all!
Hope you having a great weekend.
Its just coming to the end of another school holidays… The next school holidays is 6 weeks long eek!
Anyway.. I will stress about that when it comes around.

This last week has been iffy to say the least…I mean there was the hospital trips on Monday, followed by the news that James will need his lip cut before he’s 7 years old – and I have been worrying a bit about my health just lately –
I have been having pain in my right breast for like a month and thought nothing of it…but I then read an article saying it can be a sign of cancer!
Then on Tuesday I had what felt like an anxiety attack/heart attack – I knelt to play with James and my head went fuzzy, heart palpitations…like it felt like it was coming out of my chest I could hear my blood pounding around my chest was tight and my throat was closing..went on for like 20 minutes it was frigging scary.
Other than that its been an OK sort of week!

Let’s get going with this weeks moments –


Cupcakes –
Me and my big girl decided to bake yesterday. Its coming up to our 8 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday, which is a very special day.
As Jehovah’s witnesses we don’t celebrate birthdays and Christmas, so for anniversaries are nice celebration’s with gifts for the children too. So Bella and I decided to make some special sprinkled cupcakes for the occasion..p.s they are all gone lol!


Reflections –
Its been nice to see my baby boy smile more this week. Seeing him poorly makes me sad. He is always such a happy boy..who is scarily turning 1 next month. Just this week I saw a time hop of this time last year when I was heavily pregnant..still growing James. Its really strange looking back on where I was a year ago (with a massive belly lol) but there is something about looking back that makes me all warm inside!


Waffle stitch –
Its been a while since I have sat down with my wool and crochet today I made some time (you know during that small window if opportunity when kids nap!). I follow this awesome YouTube channel – Bella coco..and this is one of her must recent uploads, so I decided to give it a whack. Its actually a lot less complicated than it appears and it looks watch this space I might make a blanket out of it.


Colour pop –
This month on PAD I have been doing an entire month of black and white photographs. So I have been playing around with filters and such..I took this shot yesterday and added a few filters – which gave me this pretty end result. Which I really like ☺

That’s my week.

But while I have your attention –
Here is my PAD month


I actually really enjoyed having a theme to work with you know.
Can’t wait too see all your pictures for this week

Have a great Sunday



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