Tuesday @ ten – if only

Hey there.

So apparently its June..when did that happen?! It sneaked up real good huh!
Great thing is not only is it my 8 year wedding anniversary today..but its the first Tuesday @ ten link up for June ☺
So I am joining up with Karen over at finding the grace within and this weeks prompt is a good one…I for one can’t wait to write my piece ☺

Alrighty then let’s go.

If only…
We realised how amazing we are.
That we don’t need to be that person that we are expected to be

If only…
Inner beauty were noticed
Natural beauty embraced and flaws not to be considered so.


When most of us look in the mirror each day we see imperfections, flaws, things that we dislike about ourselves.
We are told how we should look, how we should act, what we should wear –
If only the media would take a moment to think about what they are putting out into the world.
Poisoning the minds of males and females into thinking perfection can brought. That by changing your body, your appearance and sometimes your mind you too can become like a celebrity.

I am a firm believer in natural beauty.
In being who you are.
In embracing who you are.

In fact I haven’t purchased a fashion magazine in several years because I don’t think it sets a positive message.
The way they use retouching to change a persons looks saddens me – we are given the image of a sort of processed beauty.
But we don’t need to change, just the way we feel about ourselves does.

I hope that the kinder we are to ourselves, and the way we look..the kinder we will be to other women.


I have been here.
Some days I am still here.
Loving how I look is hard. Loving who I am is hard.

But its not just me I am thinking about anymore.
Its my girls.
Other people’s daughters.
Teenagers. Young women.

I think about how my perception of beauty reflects upon my children.
About how often I complain about my love handles or my stretch marks.
Just today I stood in front of the mirror and changed my outfit 4 times because I didn’t look thin enough.
This is what the perception of beauty and body image has done to me.

Now if only we can portray a positive body image on our youngsters.
To tell them ‘you are not beautiful like them, you are beautiful like you’
To help them understand that everyone is beautiful –
That your mind tells you lies when you look in the mirror
That its OK not to be perfect
Help them to see that it’s more important to be healthy and happy than underweight and sad.

I don’t want my daughters buying magazines that are full of quick fix diet tips – ads with retouched celebrity photos and stories about cosmetic surgery…and start to feel inferior, or start to look for imperfections on their bodies as bad things.
I want them to embrace their uniqueness, to love who they are and to be happy with who are.

Consider how much more confident we would be if ignored the pull of societies image of perfection and embraced our awesomeness?
If we just glanced in the mirror instead of staring for hours, step off the scales and put them in a cupboard marked keep out, just  stick our hair in a ponytail instead of following tutorials on intricate hair design –
Well I think the world would be filled with much happier women – women who love who they are flaws and all.

Oh if only…if only…



6 thoughts on “Tuesday @ ten – if only

  1. Oh yes, Charlotte! “If only” – I DO wish when I looked in the mirror I saw a different ME…but, I AM who I AM and this is who I will be! Yet…there are things I DO wish were changed!

    The other day I had my hair cut short for the summer; I don’t usually wear it very long anyway, but it was on my neck and driving me bananas with the Florida heat we are already having! Well, needless to say, the hair dresser cut out all of the color – it was needed a coloring job anyway!! – and all that was left was the gray. I looked in the mirror and almost cried: I LOOK LIKE MY MOTHER! Now, this is NOT a bad thing, really! I MISS my mother who passed away almost 3 years ago – HAS it been 3 years?! But, I am not ready to BE my mother; to look like an 80something year old woman!

    So, I colored it…myself! And instead of a nice warm brown, light or even dark brown with some red highlights…it turned out DARK and almost BLACK…I do NOT like it!! Vain?! “If only” I had let a professional do it…but that is expensive; so I did it myself!

    Oh, Well!! I will be a dark headed old woman until the color fades; then I’ll be a…whatever…and who knows, maybe I WILL be a gray headed old woman now?!

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  2. Charlotte, every young girl should read this, what am I saying every woman should read your post. I am going to share it on my Facebook page. Thank you for lifting my spirits today. Your neighbor and friend at Tues at Ten, Congratulations on winning the award. Blessings Diana


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