Inspirational women – Katie Piper


I first came across Katie Piper’s story in around 2011.
I borrowed her biography off my sister – and I couldn’t put it down.

She is a TV presenter and former model.
Her story is one of courage, bravery, strength and determination.
For those of you who haven’t heard of Katie Piper let me share some of her story with you.

During the time when her modeling career was taking off, Katie met Daniel Lynch..they hit it off and began seeing each other.
After 2 weeks together they booked into a hotel following a meal out – what happened to Katie that night is truly harrowing. – Daniel Lynch raped and beat Katie, threatened to hang her and stabbed her in the arms several times. After 8 hours of what I can only describe as horrific abuse, he drove her back home.
After which she went to the hospital to have her wounds treated…but told nothing of her attack.

On march 31st (2 days after the initial attack) Lynch managed to persuade her to leave her apartment – unbeknownst to Katie, he had hired a man to attack her.
On leaving her apartment, she had a cup of sulphuric acid thrown into her face.

Her ex boyfriend and the attacker got life in prison.

The acid caused partial and full thickness burns to her face, neck and part of her chest, she lost sight in her left eye and during the attack swallowed some of the acid.
She was put into an induced coma for 12 days – during which time she had an operation to remove the skin from her face and replace it with matriderm a skin substitute.
She had a total of 40 operations to repair the damage to her skin.
Even wearing a plastic facemask for 23 hours a day to help flatten the scars and retain moisture.

In 2009 she chose to waive her anonymity to raise awareness for burn victims.
She has also wrote her biographical book on her attack and recovery journey – ‘beautiful’ – this is the book that I read.

The most amazing thing about Katie is her incredible bravery – she has stood up and said I am beautiful.
She is beautiful, an incredible inspiration to women.

She has started a charity – the Katie piper foundation – which is to offer support and help those who have suffered disfiguring scars and facial injuries.

She also gave birth to a daughter in 2014 – Belle Elizabeth

This woman is by far one of the most incredible women I have ever read about.
She has shown such courage through so much pain.
Her bravery seems to know no bounds.
I love how her personality shines through in everything she does.
Her smile is infectious.
She is a truly beautiful person, that has incredible empathy for her fellow man.
She has an intense strength that is really powerful.

She makes me feel that there is still good people in this.
By putting herself and her story out there she us helping so many people.

Katie – thank you for being who you are. For being brave, courageous, strong, beautiful and honest.
You are an incredible woman, who is doing so much good in this world.

Thank you.



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