Inspirational women – Anastasia Sproull

Happy Thursday guys!
I hope this week finds you well ☺

I have a bit if news before we delve into this weeks inspirational woman – for those who don’t know…this happened


I am seriously stoked, to have my ramblings and thoughts be considered great writing is amazing! So thank you karen 😘

Alrighty then I will hop down off my happy stool for a moment, and bring you a fabulous lady today ☺


I have admired Anastasia for a while now, I find her posts wonderfully thought provoking.
Check out her page here –
She is like a frigging body confidence freight train.
She can make me feel good about myself with just a few words.

One of my favourite articles from her is this one which is a great help to those of us who don’t feel beautiful.
I like how she doesn’t sugar coat things, she is open and as honest as you come. Which I love.

What I find most inspirational about her is that she has been incredibly brave in sharing her story of battling with anorexia – from illness to recovery.
Sharing this story brings the opportunity to other women to share their stories – also by making a subject that is taboo known, it also brings the illness to light.
Although most consider anorexia to be a phase or something people use as a way of attention – Anastasia and I are of the same thought, that it is an illness – it takes over you. For those who have it are suffering, they know that it is not something you can ever fully be rid of.

Not only is she an advocate for body confidence.
But she also does #project positive.
I have taken part in this via Instagram before…but with her last one I kind of chickened out…I am not quite in the place where I can put my butt out there πŸ˜‰ its not all about photos of yourself, just lately she has posted positive affirmations which are brilliant.
They are the kind you want to stick to your mirror so that you can view them every day.

She is one of those positive people that everyone needs in their life – someone who is guaranteed to raise you up when you are feeling down, always with something good to say.

Also I love how she fights her cause and her corner fiercely.
So much of what she say is how I feel about the way ‘skinny’ and ‘diets’ and ‘fitting in’ are all forced upon us as normal.
But she is much more straight forward than I am that’s for sure!

She is awesome with a capital awe!
Making sure all women know that we don’t need to be like everyone else, and not worry if we aren’t skinny enough or pretty enough – but just be content with who we are.
That we are all beautiful women, we just need to recognise our awesome!

Anastasia – I freaking love you.
You are like my positive thoughts sister.
You are and will always be my inspirational lady from across the ocean.
Please don’t ever stop your positive, body confident crusade..I am behind 1000%
You are helping boost my confidence daily. πŸ’œ



3 thoughts on “Inspirational women – Anastasia Sproull

  1. Charlotte, you are an absolute gem! I am so honoured to be part of your life – you are such a powerhouse of positivity and strength and realness and I couldn’t love you any more than I already do! Never stop being the wonderful human being that you are!

    ❀ Anastasia

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