Tuesday at ten – someday I will

Hey there.

I am a tiny bit behind on writing this post – so I am going to take my 5 minute opportunity while the kids are sleeping to write it now ☺

Alrighty you know the drill – I am linking up with the Tuesday at ten group over with Karen
This weeks prompt is someday I will –


When I was growing up, struggling through adolescence.. It never occurred to me that my pain could be turned into words of help.

Someday I will change the world

Alright so perhaps not in a huge way, but just something small.
When I write, I write for me.
It helps me to release my thoughts and feelings.

But it never occurred to me that my words could help someone.
Someday I will help to change someone’s life.
By sharing my experiences through different struggles – and putting myself out there, I hope to be able to reach out to those who are suffering to.
Nobody should struggle alone.
Nobody should feel alone or be alone.

So who knows someday maybe I could be that person who others can reach out to.
Someday I can pull people out of the dark corner.
I have so much empathy for others.

Someday I will be that help that someone needs.
That shoulder to cry on.
That long awaited hug.
Or just that nice email that you need in the middle of the night.

Someday I will change the world..with my heart.



2 thoughts on “Tuesday at ten – someday I will

  1. Love those thoughts. They so reflect my own. The comfort that we have ourselves can be passed on in big and little ways. Never underestimate the power of those small everyday moments and kindnesses to change our world.

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