Tuesday at ten – I find strength in..

Hey guys,

Happy Wednesday ☺

Its that time of the week again – where I join in with the lovely folks over at the Tuesday at ten link up…thank you Karen

So here goes with this weeks prompt – I find strength in…


I find strength in Jehovah.

Before studying the bible (2008) and finally being baptised in 2010, I never felt strong.
I struggled deeply with depression and had very bad patches of self harming.
My mind would tell me that I was weak.
Perhaps it was right, because I let my mind overrule me.
I was in a pretty bad place –

But then in 2008, after a pretty bad time with self harming – I happened to bump into a group of Jehovah’s witnesses on their ministry.
I know that it was because of Jehovah that I met them and took up a bible study.
He gave me the strength to move past what I had been taught about the witnesses – and to study because it was what I wanted.
Its still a daily struggle, but I have faith that Jehovah will help me.

Even after suffering a devastating miscarriage in 2009, Jehovah was still there for me.
Giving me so much strength. The strength to leave the house. The strength to go back to the meetings. The strength to realise that I will see my baby again.
Also the strength to stay at Jehovah’s side.
I knew that Jehovah is there for me.
Thanks to my faith in Jehovah he has blessed me with my 3 children.

Growing up in a catholic home – it took a lot of strength to become a Jehovah’s witness. But I have prayer and Jehovah’s holy spirit to thank for that.

Jehovah has impacted my life so much, for this I am so grateful.
He gives me so much strength through his word its incredible.

Some of my favourite scriptures that help me with my strength –

Phil 4:13 – for all things I have strength through the one who gives me power.

Psalms 29:11 – Jehovah will give strength to his people, Jehovah will bless his people with peace

Psalms 18:2 – Jehovah is my crag and my stronghold and the one who rescues me, my god is my rock in whom I take refuge.

He gives me strength. With Jehovah in my life how could I possibly feel weak anymore.

I get my daily strength from Jehovah and for this I am deeply grateful.



One thought on “Tuesday at ten – I find strength in..

  1. Oh yes, Charlotte…Jehovah/God/whatever we call Him, we KNOW He is there to give us the strength we so need…through depression, losing a child, whatever we struggle with…yes, we know He gives us strength.

    Thank you for sharing – for letting us into your mind!!


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