FMF – fear

Hey there!
Happy Friday friends ☺

Its that wonderful part of the week where the weekend is nigh, and where I join in with the lovely folks at five minute Friday.

A part of the day where bloggers from around the world take five minutes to write on a given topic.

So I am going to dive right in –
This weeks topic is fear – its a biggie!

Ready, set, go!


When I think of fear, I think about a dark cloud inside of me.
That cloud that stops me from following my dreams.
Telling me I am not good enough.
I look in the mirror, and my mind tells me I am never going to be enough.

But I am facing my fear daily.


I am learning not to let my fears, of which there are so many take over me.
Every day I get a little bit closer to locking my fears in a box and throwing them off a cliff face (hypothetically speaking)
Trying to conquer a fear is no mean feat – I have feared never being good enough since I was a young girl.
I am now 29. Its still takes me over to this day.

But fear is nothing without a fire beneath it.
If we don’t fuel the fire, the fear will disappear.

I am no longer afraid to be myself, I just need to work on seeking everyone’s approval.
This my affirmation for not being afraid to be myself


So let’s face our fears head on everyday.
Stare it in the eye and say ‘do you know what…you are not going to rule me…not today…not ever’

I know you can do it – rule your fear. Don’t let it rule you.


I have written a great deal on fear before, and I must admit that its a really interesting subject.
There are a lot of different takes and thoughts on the word fear.
But here are my five minutes – and I look forward to reading peoples thoughts on this topic.

Have a great day!



10 thoughts on “FMF – fear

  1. Charlotte, THIS:”But fear is nothing without a fire beneath it. If we don’t fuel the fire, the fear will disappear.” Yes!!! Visiting from FMF where I am #8 this week.

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  2. Beautiful words, Charlotte! I’ve never thought of fear being a fire that we can fuel–but you are spot on. May God continue to be with you as you conquer your fears and rest in his strength and courage.

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